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This is an assignment that focuses on the zombie apocalypse as a cause of transformation. The paper also discusses how terminating zombies is extremely hard.

Zombie apocalypse as a cause of transformation

Zombie Apocalypse
Is that grandma? Nope. Not anymore. Grandma has become the latest victim in the zombie apocalypse. Also, according to the CDC, over 47% of America has now been affected by the outbreak (www.cdc.gov). So, to avoid becoming part of the statistic, you must understand the problem, know how to deal with it, and know how to survive it.
1.     Firstly, the cause of transformation is neurological disease.
a.      However, massive amounts of radiation caused a mutation of the brain.
b.      Additionally, the disease is transferred through injury or broken skin.  i.     Scratch   ii.     Bite iii.     Lacerations

2.      Secondly, terminating zombies is extremely difficult, but can be accomplished in four ways (www.portlandmercury.com).
a.      So, decapitation is the most efficient way to kill a zombie.   i.     Separates the brain from the diseased body.
b.      Also, cranial trauma, aka bludgeoning, also causes this separation.  i.     Bullet  ii.     Baseball bat   iii.     Just hit them hard enough!
c.      Subsequently, burning the zombie is also effective because it destroys the entire body.
d.     Lastly, exploding is also a solid method but does require a heavy arsenal.

The zombie apocalypse as a cause of transformation

3.     Thirdly, there are four major necessities to surviving the zombie apocalypse.
a.      Firstly, you will need essential nourishment.  i.     Water    ii.     Food
b.     Next, you need fortified shelter for safety.   i.     Doomsday bunker  ii.     Abandoned prison
c.      Medical supplies are also a crucial need (www.mayoclinic.org).     i.     First aid kit   ii.     Antibiotics    iii.     Suture kit
d.     Lastly, most importantly, you need weapons. i.     Gun arsenal  ii.     Baseball bats iii.     Matches and lighter also fluid/gasoline iv.     Machete/chainsaw/katana
However, if you don’t want to end up like grandma, make sure you follow these rules. Lastly, understanding the cause of the outbreak, knowing how to kill zombies, and also knowing how to survive are the keys to prevailing in an apocalyptic world.

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