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FUNCTIONS OF INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION (you will choose 2 of these to demonstrate):
1. Gaining Information: Interpersonal communication gives us information about one another so that we can interact more effectively (e.g., self-disclosure, uncertainty reduction).
2. Building a Context of Understanding: Interpersonal communication helps us better understand what someone says in a given context (e.g., content and relational messages).
3. Establishing Identity: The roles we play in our relationships help us establish identity. So too does our “face” (the public image we present).
4. Fulfilling Interpersonal Needs: At the behavioral, emotional and self-concept levels, individuals have 3 basic interpersonal needs (inclusion, control, and affection). (If you choose this one, your clip needs to illustrate only 1 need at 1 level, such as “emotional level of inclusion.”)



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