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Assignment details:
You are to write a paper on a Harlem Renaissance Artist.
There is a discussion post thread in this assignment section for you to make the choice of artist.
You must select an artist before you begin.
The artists are on a first come first serve basis. There are no duplications of artists.
The typed part of the paper with the biography information should be 2 pages in length, double spaced, with an 11 or 12 font.
You can look at the example I provided in the other folder in this assignment.
1. The paper must provide biographical information about the life of the artist you chose.
2. Included should be where and when they were born, details on their life – such as their education, their work as an artist, and the end of their life.
3. In the paper you need to tell what artistic field they were in such as painter, sculptor, novelist, etc.
4. You must include at least 5 of their works, songs, etc, that they may have created.
This written part of the paper should be in your own words, not cut and paste words from the internet.
You may use the internet to help you of course but I would like the words written by you.
If you take quotes or exact words from the internet you should say so by listing the source.
You must use the internet to get the photos of the artist and their works and those can be copied into the paper with no citing of the source.
If you do not have a complete picture of the artist, you will lose 5 points. Meaning, birth, aadult life, life as a artist, and their death.
If you do not have 5 of their works listed you will lose 3 points for each work missing.
Including photos would be a great idea even for writers and singers.
If the atist is a painter, sculptor, quilt maker, photos would be a must.
I have included a rough example of how to do the assignment by choosing a modern day artist.

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