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Your essay should be 2 pages, APA Style (no cover page needed) in a Word document.
Based on your readings in this module, discuss your reaction to the following situation:
Scenario: You are advertising an event for your small business using social media.
Part A: Discuss some linguistic strategies you will use in your social media posts.
Part B: There is someone who begins to “troll (Links to an external site.)” (harass) the event/company by making inappropriate comments about the company and other users on the social media site (directly attached to your event postings). The harasser is relentless in commenting every time someone posts something. How could you handle the situation?
Part C: What are your thoughts on the statement, “Digital technologies are ruining language/conversation?” Cite at least two of your readings in your post.
Be sure to cite your readings (at least once).
Here is the course material I can find. you can look up anything and do more research if need be
Course materials

Social Media Trolls: A Practical Guide for Dealing With Impossible People

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