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Research a dance/music video via YouTube or similar. Choose a video that represents some aspect of ‘jazz
roots & branches’. There are LOTS of options as you could look at a theatrical musical scene (ie, ‘Chicago’), a
movie musical scene (ie. Victor/Victoria), a music video, a SuperBowl performance, a dance FlashMob,
competition dance, etc. This can be from nearly any time period, post 1950s (as we’ve already done quite a bit
of work on 1920s-1940s).
Submit the url like for that video; and answer the question Where is the Jazz? Also, Is there anything missing
that ‘should’ be present? Consider the aesthetic / movement qualities we have discussed in class (list is copied
below). Consider the frame of performance? Consider how the bodies are performing the movement? Consider
the purpose of this performance? ….
Around 200 words should do it.
Please copy & paste this form for your submission:
URL / Weblink:
Jazz Style:
Frame of Performance (live, film, competition, etc):
Where is the Jazz? :
As well, is there anything that perhaps ‘should’ be there and is missing? Why? :
Social Elements
Community – the Circle
Individual Creativity within Group
Vocal Encouragement
Lack of separation between performer and spectator
musicians & dancers interact
Friends challenges
Kinetic Elements
Bent hip, knee, and ankle joints
Articulate, inclined torso
Body part Isolations
Groundedness / Earthiness
Polyrhythms & syncopation
Personal expression and creativity
Video – Read & Report
Video – Read & Report
Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeProofread; Fulfilled assignment tasks
Uploaded url
Included description relative to jazz
Proofread, spellchecked

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