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The assessment for this module consists of 2 components, each of which must be successfully completed in order to pass the module.

Component 1
1a) Research Proposal

This is a formative part of the assignment. It sets out the area of professional practice you intend to investigate and presents your ideas about how you will go about this.

1b) Literature review (2500 words – excl. references)

This is a summative assessment. You are required to produce a critical review of a range of literature relating to your area of research and to evaluate the impact of relevant policies on curriculum practice/ professional practice.

Component 2

Research Poster Presentation

This is a summative assessment. You are asked to present your research to your peer group in the form of a research poster.

3.3 Assessment Briefs
Assignment 1a: Research Proposal

Consider the themes covered in the early parts of the module and select a focus which you can see impacting on a curriculum/professional practice setting you work within.

It will be important to find out what is happening in your placement institution and carry out initial reading in order to develop your idea into a research proposal.

It will help you to speak to colleagues in your setting and obtain relevant documentation, for example policies and curriculum/ professional documents. You will develop your proposal using a pro-forma which will be provided electronically. You will need to consider the following aspects:

Research Focus

What is the focus of your investigation, boundaries and scope?


Why have you chosen to investigate this area? What is your motivation to explore this issue? How have your personal theories – value judgements/assumptions influenced your choice?

Research Questions

What central questions are you attempting to address in this investigation? Try to express them clearly and succinctly. Your questions will make the focus for the investigation operational and guide you in the collection of relevant data.


What literature informs your investigation? What does the literature suggest about the topic you are investigating? You should include policy literature and also other research studies you have found in this area.

Data Collection Methods

Given the focus of your investigation, what are the most appropriate methods you can use to collect data that will provide answers to your questions? Why are your chosen methods appropriate to your investigation?


What theories or concepts will you draw on to help in the analysis your data?

Assignment 1b: Literature review

You will now develop your initial reading into a more focused and developed

review of key literature available for your research focus. This will provide a summary, analysis and evaluation of the literature and an explanation of what

research has already been published that informs your area of research. Your Literature review will therefore comprise:

a written discussion of a range of recent literature related to the current initiative you have selected that impacts on the professional context;

An evaluation of the impact of government policies within that professional context.

Your work will need to demonstrate a critical stance to ideas / philosophies presented in the literature and policies you discuss.

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