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For persuasive messages, strategically build your approach with a four-step process: i) capture the reader’s Attention, ii) stimulate Interest, iii) develop Desire, and iv) encourage Action.

Part One: Analyzing your message and your audience:

1. What is the main reason for writing this message?

2. If I could use only one sentence to deliver the message, what would it be?

3. What is my job or role in this situation? How will the message affect me and my organization?

4. Who is the reader? How will the message affect them?

5. What other details do I know about my reader? What do they care about or need? What about potential secondary readers?

6. How do I want my audience to react when the message is read?

7. What would be the best tone for this message?

8. Should I use a subject line, and if so, what might it be?

9. What questions might my reader have about the situation? (Your message should answer these questions.)

(proceed to planning on page 2 – over)

Part Two: Planning the AIDA persuasive approach

i) Attention: What opening statement will capture my readers’ attention and ensure that the entire message will be read?

Attention Checklist:
□ Is my opening original?
□ Is my opening relatively short?
□ Is the opening related to my reader (will they think, “this message is for me!”)?
□ Do I suggest a major benefit of “buying in” to my message?
□ Do I capture my readers’ attention strongly enough to continue reading?

ii) Interest: What can I say that will hold my readers’ interest? (You can list many ideas, but star the best one.)

Interest Checklist:
□ Do I point out a major advantage/selling point of my idea or suggested course of action?
□ Will my reader(s) be thinking, “This sounds interesting; tell me more”?

iii) Desire: What can I say to appeal to my readers’ emotions and/or logic?

Desire Checklist:
□ Do I justify taking the action I am suggesting?
□ Is it clear how my reader will benefit from a psychological, financial, physical, or long-term point of view?
□ Will my reader feel, “I’m convinced; let’s proceed”?

iv) Action: What can I say to make my reader take action?

Action Checklist:
□ Is my closing relatively short?
□ Do I tell my reader specifically what to do?
□ Do I make it easy for them to take the desired action?

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