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Discussion Board:

The focus of this assignment is to gain a better understanding of theoretical foundations for nursing practice. You will conduct a brief analysis of a conceptual framework. Further, you will perform a deep dive into the AACN MSN Essentials. For questions 1-9, use the description below of a study’s conceptual framework:

The obesity rate in lower-income neighborhoods is much higher than the obesity ratings in more affluent areas. The research indicates the difference in the findings results from a myriad of reasons. However, one key reason is the lack of healthy food options in low socioeconomic communities known as a food desert. There are few studies underway investigating the relationship between access to healthy foods and obesity. For this case study, you are to explore factors contributing to an increased population weight of individuals living in neighborhoods with limited to no access to healthy foods.

The theoretical framework for this case study is Roy’s Adaptation Model. Detailed information on this particular framework is found in Chapters 5 & 17 of your course textbook. In short, this model suggests that humans are products of their environments. Sister Callista Roy theorized that people respond to environmental changes, whether positive or negative. Therefore, she focused her theory on the person, health, environment, and nursing. In this case study, Roy’s Adaption Model describes how obesity emanates from the lack of nutritious foods in low-income neighborhoods. It can be hypothesized the abundance of fast-food restaurants and convenience stores leads to higher obesity rates as individuals consume what is readily available to them. Additionally, it could be theorized that their environment conditions communities with greater accessibility to quality foods in stores and restaurants, leading to lower obesity rates.

What type of theory is Roy’s Adaptation Model? Middle range theory? Grand theory? Be sure to identify which type and give a robust explanation (attributes) of why?

Does Roy’s Adaptation Model meet the criteria for a nursing conceptual model? Give your answer and explain.

Identify Roy’s Adaptation Model as a nursing, shared, or borrowed theory, and explain your answer.

What are the two hypotheses in this study? Explain how Roy’s Adaptation Model is being used to developing these hypotheses.

If the researcher’s hypotheses are not supported, would this study disprove Roy’s Adaptation Model? Explain.

Is the research for the proposed case study qualitative or quantitative? What is your rationale?

What two groups will be tested using Roy’s Adaptation Model? Why is it significant?

What would be the key outcome of this research study?

The following two questions refer to the AACN MSN Essentials.

What is the purpose of the AACN Masters Essentials?
List each of the nine Essentials and provide a statement in your own words about the value of each Essential to advanced nursing practice.

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