Week 8: Brand Management Over Time

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Week 8: Brand Management Over Time


Week 8: Brand Management Over Time

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Students will develop a brand engagement model using the steps of the process of customer engagement.  The model should include customer relationship tools within the model. Students may choose the product as an example of the model and the same brand may be used for the brand management plan assignment. The process model can be submitted using any type of program to show the graphic representation of the model.

The plan will be based on information from primary and secondary sources, company web sites, as well as professional experiences and insights. At least three outside references must be used. Notes should include citations in APA format.

The following components and issues will be addressed:

  1. Awareness:  What strategy will be used to gain awareness of the brand?  What are the channels to use?
  2. Discovery:  This is when the audience has discovered your brand. In this stage try to find and record information about your audience of prospective customers.
  3. Consideration: In this stage of the process, a customer is forming an opinion about the brand albeit neutral.  While evaluating the choices, the brand manager needs to develop a reason why to choose your brand. Brand messages should be built in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.
  4. Conversion: This is the stage where a person becomes a customer.  How can a brand ensure the conversion is complete and engage the customer to finalize the sale.
  5. Growth through value creation:  How can the brand continue to engage to promote loyalty and be a brand fan.  How can that be built into the CRM tool?

**Brands that CAN NOT be used for this assignment: Google, Apple, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Pepsi. These brands have been over-used so pick a brand that you can be more creative with. Brand Management Over Time

Components % of Grade
Depth and detail of brand engagement. 25%
Depth and detail of CRM usage 25%
Model Presentation 20%
Assumptions, analysis, and research 15%
References 15%
TOTAL 100%

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