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Comprehensive Early Childhood Systems are an important tool to meet the needs of young children and their families while incorporating research and current trends. By bringing together early childhood stakeholder across sectors, children can be served more effectively and efficiently.

The concept of a comprehensive early childhood system might be difficult to explain. In order to reinforce the concept and demonstrate your understanding, this assignment will allow you to give them a more comprehensive look by creating a visual representation to illustrate the idea.

For this assignment:

  1. Review the materials and links with information about Comprehensive Early Childhood Systems.
  2. Demonstrate your understanding by creating an original 1-page visual representation (diagram, logic model, infographic, etc.) of Comprehensive Early Childhood Systems.
  3. At a minimum, this infographic should include:
    1. Cross-sector stakeholders involved
    2. Supports as a result of this system
    3. Expected outcomes
    4. Other components you feel are important


  Early Childhood Systems Working Group (ECSWG)  

  Early Childhood Systems is the Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Grant Program 

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