Using a real emerging technology write an essay/case study for a fictional company (provided below) to solve “ONE” problem the company faces. – Essaylink

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Using a real emerging technology write an essay/case study for a fictional company (provided below) to solve “ONE” problem the company faces.
An abstract is NOT required. Only use APA for the in-text citations and the Reference Page at the end of the entire paper.
• Create a cover sheet with your name, the course name, C850 – Emerging Technologies, the assignment name, Techfite Case Study and a date.
• There is no minimum or maximum word count for this task.
• Most papers, excluding the cover sheet and the Reference Page at the end are between 5 to 7 pages DOUBLE SPACED using Times New Roman, 12 point font size.
• Number all pages.
• Indent all new paragraphs. Whenever you change ideas, begin a new paragraph and indent it.
Requirements – Detailed Explanations
Only solve “ONE” of Techfite’s business problems. Do not solve more than one problem!
IGNORE the budget. Ignore anything about money or financial matters. This is an academic exercise only. Later in the paper, it is fine to say that “high costs” are a potential disadvantage in Part E, but specific numerical or dollar amounts are “not” necessary.
Requirement A – Summarize an organizational need in the Techfite case study, including the scope of the need.
• Tell the reader what Techfite does first and which “one” of the needs about which you will be writing
Requirement B – Propose an emerging technology solution to address Techfite’s need from the case study “and” provide JUSTIFICATION that classifies this technology as emerging.
• It is required to name a specific product which represents a technology. Examples: AWS products, Microsoft Azure products and others.
• An emerging technology can mean an existing technology, such as cloud computing, plus emerging features that when combined together create an emerging technology.
• Existing Technology + Emerging Features = Emerging Technology
• Examples of emerging features – Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and hyper-automation.
• Sample first sentence – I have chosen XYZ as my emerging technology because it makes use of (name the emerging feature/features). Next, it will be necessary to explain how the emerging features relates to the chosen technology.
Example: I have chosen AWS because it makes use of AI. Then continue to explain how AI relates to your chosen product.
Requirement C – Explain the steps of the adoption process that you recommend the organization use to integrate the new emerging technology, including a description of why each step is necessary and how each step relates to the organization.
• Use the Gartner STREET method as the adoption process from uCertify Chapter 2. Discuss all six (6) steps of the STREET method and explain HOW THEY RELATE TO TECHFITE.
• Example: Begin with the first step called “scope” and do the following:
– Explain the concept of scope and explain how scope relates to Techfite
– Repeat this process for the next five steps.
– Note: It is mandatory to explain how each step relates to Techfite.
Requirement D – Describe both ONE POSITIVE and ONE NEGATIVE impact that your emerging technology solution could have on the people or current processes at Techfite, providing TWO (2) examples how to address ONLY the negative impact.
• There are four (4) items to account for in Part D. They are one positive impact, one negative impact and two examples how to address, meaning how to overcome or mitigate “only” the negative impact.
Requirement E – Compare your chosen emerging technology mentioned earlier in Part B to an alternative technology, providing two (2) advantages and two (2) disadvantages for EACH TECHNOLOGY. NOTE: The alternative technology can be anything!
Example: Let’s say your emerging technology is called ABC Technology and the alternative is called XYZ Technology.
Note: You may use a bulleted list to show the advantages and disadvantages or complete sentences as follows:
Step One – Give two (2) advantages of ABC Technology mentioned in Part B;
Step Two – Give two (2) disadvantages of ABC Technology;
If using sentences instead of bulleted points, start a new paragraph for Steps Three and Four below.
Step Three – Give two (2) advantages of XYZ Technology, the alternative technology.
Step Four – Give two (2) disadvantages of XYZ Technology, the alternative technology.
Please use the actual words ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES when writing.
Note: Altogether, there are eight (8) items to account for in Requirement E.
Comments: The advantages and disadvantages provided in Requirement E should be different than the ones found in Requirement D.
Also, within Part E, make the advantages and disadvantages different between Technology ABC and Technology XYZ, the alternative one.
An expensive product does count as a disadvantage.
Requirement F – Recommend a method that can be used to determine whether adoption of the proposed emerging technology solution will be successful or unsuccessful, based on the needs of Techfite.
Reminder: Part F is not a conclusion and a conclusion is not needed.
Note: Do NOT include anything from Part C, the STREET method for Part F. Part C was an adoption process whereas Part F seeks a method.
Method Explained – A method for this task means something that can be quantified, meaning that a quantity can be assigned to the method.
Examples: Only choose “one” method. Do not choose more than one method. Actually use the words “the method” and “the number” in the first sentence.
The method I have chosen is the number of man hours saved –OR-
The method I have chosen is the number of logs analyzed –OR-
The method I have chosen is the number of attacks detected.
These are examples of a first sentence. Altogether, this section should not exceed 5 or 6 sentences including this first sentence.
After introducing the method, add a time period such as the number of man hours saved per day, per week, per month, etc. You are allowed to make up a number and do not need to find a specific number or statistic from research. An estimate is fine.
If choosing the second method, logs analyzed, consider giving a time period “and” a target goal such as the number of logs analyzed per day with the goal of achieving 80% accuracy.
If choosing the third method, attacks detected, consider giving both a time period and a goal such as achieved detecting 90% of all attacks within the first month.
Finally, it’s helpful to include what it was like BEFORE and AFTER implementing the method.
Requirement G – Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.
• Refer to attachment called C850 APA References which provides three (3) links how to use both in-text citations that are found within the written paragraphs and references, which are the full-length reference found on the last page of the entire task. The third link in this attachment provides an actual sample written paper, not of this course, but how to use APA correctly.
Requirement H – Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission. Please use correct spelling and grammar and use the tools found in MS Word to check them. Also, follow all other instructions from above that will help to fulfill this item.
Please use the fictional company and information to write the paper on an emerging technology that can act as a solution to only “ONE” problem the company faces:
TechFite Case Study
TechFite makes medical devices for the space program. They are in Houston, Texas, near the Johnson Space Center. Security is a top priority for TechFite, partly because the company works with NASA, but also because the proprietary technology that TechFite is creating allows humans to work longer in space. TechFite has an IT department that currently consists of 4 employees: two entry-level specialists, a senior security specialist, and an IT security manager.
TechFite has a two-firewall system in which the outside firewall protects TechFite and its partners and the inner firewall protects the TechFite intranet.
The two-firewall system creates a three-ring network where the innermost ring is the most secure and the outermost ring connects directly to the Internet. Each one of these firewalls creates a log of all the network traffic that passes through each of the firewalls. The TechFite CIO has notably raised concerns about current infrastructure security implications, but she wants her staff to propose inexpensive solutions to meet future demands. There is a lot of traffic that passes through these firewalls due to companies that want to securely collaborate with TechFite and the need government agencies have to access TechFite’s information. TechFite administrators have been researching solutions currently available to meet the growing demands of secure collaboration, and all suggested resources fall outside of TechFite’s IT budget. Additionally, it is difficult to scan these logs manually, and TechFite has been exploring open source solutions to automate log correlation for both host-based and network appliances. However, the amount of storage space to keep these logs for at least a year is more than TechFite has onsite. One of the system administrators suggested using technology to not only review the logs but also store the log files.
TechFite is being pressured to comply with FISMA, using NIST as a security framework, when the company works on government contracts. Other restrictions have been observed by TechFite’s competitors concerning the handling of data across international boundaries, namely in the European Union. The company is also being asked to ensure FISMA compliance, even as budgets are shrinking, which is happening in part because there are fewer space missions planned. TechFite is also looking to work with the space programs of other countries, such as the European Space Agency, the Canadian Space Agency, and JAXA, the Japanese space agency. The company is interested in collaborating with other institutions and companies to expand its business, which may result in opening subsidiaries in other locations domestically and overseas. This may force the company to store its information for longer periods of time, and more locations means more log data will need to be stored.
Besides scanning the log data for potential attackers after systems have been compromised, the system administrators would like to be alerted by a new system that meets FISMA regulations when potential attacks are occurring on host and network systems. This means that real-time log scanning and behavior analysis of incoming network traffic will be needed to determine when a denial of service attack or advanced persistent threat is happening so the system administrators can catch the hackers. The system administrators also want to install honeypots to attract hackers, and the logs for those will also need to be stored even though these honeypots will not actually have real data on them.
The system administrators will be busy keeping up with the technology they have, and they will not have time to research new technologies that might help them do their jobs better.

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