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12 Angry Men Video Analysis:
Due Week 12
For this assignment, please view “Twelve Angry Men,” (the original or remade version), and
be prepared to write a paper and participate in a class discussion and analysis of the group
dynamics in this film. Address the roles of the individuals in the group, note any coalitions
and sub-groups, and observe how these things change as the group develops. You will
document the progress of the group over time. You may comment on what would be different
in a jury today and how the group process might be different. Your discussion must not be
a retelling of the movie but an analysis of the group process.
This paper should be 3-5 pages in length, times new roman 12 pt font, APA format. Cover
pages and reference pages do not count towards the length of your paper. A sample APA
paper can be found online at:
Please do not include an author note or abstract for the purpose of this paper.
12 Angry Men film https://bnwmovies.com/12-angry-men.html
The DVD can be purchased from Amazon.com for under $10.

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