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1. This is an assignment that requires you to use concepts learned in class and applying them to a leadership issue in an organizational setting. You have the choice of using an organization that you personally know or any organization that you are interested in researching on. You shall present the results of your work for about ten to fifteen minutes. Your turn to present will be based on the alphabetical order of the last names of the students in this class. Your work shall also be written in the form of a final paper.
2. I am open to the range of organizations you could choose from. It could be your workplace, your school, your sports team, your church, or even an informal club that you are involved in. It is preferable that you do not use your family as the organization to present. However, if you are not able to find any organization you are personally affiliated with to talk about in your presentation, you can choose some public organization to research on. That means, it could be a major organization like a business company or any other type of organization including non-profit agencies and so on. However, the downside of this is you may not have access to certain vital information for you to do this assignment such as the internal dynamics of the organization and vital characters within the organization.
3. In your presentation, you need to give some description of the leadership situation of this organization. So, first of all, you need to identify this organization, list its functions, describe its purpose, spell out the everyday things that it does and most of all, point out the people, particularly the leaders that it is composed of and how they relate to one another and the larger organization. Because no organizational leadership is perfect, there should be some imperfection or shortcoming that you can find room for improvement. I would like you to therefore point out some organizational leadership problem that you observe in this organization; it could be an ethical problem, a conflict-of-interest problem, a personality mismatch problem that is costing the organization in some way, or anything else.
4. The main objective of this assignment is to explain how certain concepts you learn in class about leadership can be applied to this organizational problem. You must flesh out and elucidate how these concepts can be carried out in practice and why you think that is the case. You must give reasons that such a solution based on the concepts you have learned is relevant to the problem at hand. In the case of an organization in which some sort of solution has already been put in place, you can choose not to prescribe a solution; rather you can describe the solution that is already being implemented so long as it also has some relation with the concepts learned in class.
5. Finally, the final paper ought to be more detailed and should cover 10 pages, and should be double-spaced, with 12-point size, Times New Roman font. The final paper will be graded based on content in accordance with the instructions above. The presentation on the other hand is graded based on content as well as delivery effectiveness. It should not be a read-aloud of the paper. Rather, you should adroitly and succinctly present your work as an overview in an effective way, with the optimal impact to the audience within the allotted time.
Presentation and Paper Rubric:
Total Score: 20 points maximum for each component (presentation and paper)
Maximum Score
Scored Item
5 points
Is there a clear analysis of the organizational leadership problem?
10 points
Is there a sound application of leadership concepts for resolving the leadership problem?
5 points
Is the delivery effective?

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