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please wirte a 10p long paper on this topic

I’ve attached bibliography and some key ideas, feel free to contact if you have questions

Annotated Bibliography

  1. Crone, Diane M, Elaine E O’Connell, Phillip J Tyson, Frances Clark-Stone, Simon Opher, and David V.B James. “Art Lift”Intervention to Improve Mental Well-Being: An Observational Study from UK General Practice. International journal of mental health nursing, 3, 22 (2013) p. 279-286

 This article focused on an intervention for art to cure mental illness. The intervention is about 10 weeks, with eight artists in a sorts of creative arts activities.

  1. Beauchet, Olivier, Liam Cooper-Brown, Yoko Hayashi, Kevin Galery, Christine Vilcocq, and Thomas Bastien. “Effects of ‘Thursdays at the Museum’ at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts on the Mental and Physical Health of Older Community Dwellers: the Art- Health Randomized Clinical Trial Protocol.” Trial 21, no. 1 (2020).

Participatory practises focused on art have been shown to promote facets of  mental health, such as positive feelings and self-esteem. Art-based programmes allow patients to develop a sense of self, transform the experience of illness into a positive experience and increase the well-being and quality of life of patients, regardless of their disease.

     3.   Service, Shannon. “How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?” eScholarship, 2011. 

This article briefly touched on how love was seen as the top list of addiction. It documented the experience of the author meeting the creators of the Museum of Broken Relationships. The article also mentioned ways of mending broken hearts based on the author’s research along with the author’s experience of curing his own broken heart.

     4. Scherb, H. (2018). The Kintsugi Metaphor to Conceptualize Healing and Repair After Torture and Trauma: A Training Program (Doctoral dissertation, Alliant International University, 2018). ProQuest Dissertations Publishing. Retrieved October 14, 2020, from

The goal of this dissertation was to create and evaluate a model training workshop for clinicians seeking to increase awareness of the use of therapeutic metaphors and learn about a novel metaphor to visualise trauma recovery (Kintsugi, a Japanese gold-joinery process of pottery repair).

 5. Nelson, B. (2017). The art of caring. ACS JOURNALS, 125(9), 665-666. Retrieved October 20, 2020, from

    This article focused on using art as a tool for patients to achieve narrative reconstruction. “A 2013 meta‐analysis of creative art therapies agreed with earlier reviews that such interventions can improve anxiety, depression, and pain symptoms as well as quality of life among patients with cancer”

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