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The year 2020 has been a life changing time for everyone. The world we used to know have changed in ways we never thought were possible. People were locked in our homes, there is fear within all of us and human beings all over the world learned how to adapt to the situation. Some changes were easily done, but most are still in the process and cost a lot for each individual and our government to implement it. One of the biggest change that has happened was the current medium of education. Due to the pandemic, the traditional way of going to school and interacting with everyone was deemed unacceptable, thus the implementation of the new learning mode which is online classes. Half into the school year, the students have already experience the worst and the best effects of online classes that allowed me to arrive in a certain conclusion. I believe that an online class despite of its untraditional convention is a very good way for students to learn further and develop our sense of responsibility and is largely advantageous.

(a)Students learn to self-study and manage their own time which would increase

their sense of responsibility.

(b) Online classes includes the use of technology in the most educational way

for students

(c) Students learn in the comfort and safety of their own home and on their own


Conclusion : Summarize your topic, and repeat your thesis statement.

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