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Write about two of these stories that either (a) share a theme, which means that both
stories essentially make the same point in their own ways or (b) share a topic, but have different themes, which
means they make different points about the same topic. For example, if there are two stories about growing up
that seem to make the same point, that would be an option (a); if there were two stories that each made a
different point about growing up, that would be an option (b).
In your journal entry, write about the two stories and their themes. How are they expressed in the story? What
other literary elements contribute to the theme (symbol, setting, etc)? What quotes show or emphasize the
theme? Is the theme the same as the lesson learned by the main character?
Your journal entry should be about 300 words long, written in an academic style. There are no formatting
requirements for journal entries, but be sure you include the names of the stories and authors. If you use
quotes from the stories, be sure to include page numbers. Do not consult or use outside sources for this
assignment. This is a journal entry, so no introduction or conclusion is required. Just be sure you follow the
assignment, answer the questions, proofread carefully, use complete sentences, and include details to support
your points.
“A&P” – https://www.cardinalspellman.org/ourpages/auto/2013/8/29/56111022/A_P – John Updike.html
*If you can get it to me earlier that would be great but if not I understand! thank you for all of your hard work!
“The Man Who Was Almost a Man” – http://xroads.virginia.edu/~DRBR2/wright.htm
“The Lottery” – https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/1948/06/26/the-lottery
“The Storm” – https://americanliterature.com/author/kate-chopin/short-story/the-storm
“The Things They Carried” – https://harpers.org/archive/1973/04/everydayuse/https://www.cengage.com/custom/static_content/OLC/s76656_76218lf/obrien.pdf
“This is What it Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona” – https://classic.esquire.com/article/1993/6/1/this-is-what-itmeans-to-say-phoenix-arizona
“A Worn Path” – https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1941/02/a-worn-path/376236/





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