the main points that Ray Dalio provides for explaining how the economy works. – Essaylink

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You are going to watch a video. It is about 31 minutes, so give yourself enough time to watch it and take notes. When you finish watching the video, in your own words, please give me the main points that Ray Dalio provides for explaining how the economy works. Give me your thoughts as to how they relate to the concepts learned in class. Do not just regurgitate what he states, but rather, make connections from the class material and the theories you have been learning about. You can also make connections to your own experiences as long as they are directly related to a specific point. You must be explicit in your delivery by clear providing examples. One very obvious example is what we have experienced with the current coronavirus situation and how it has impacted the economy. Again, be very clear, precise, and explicit in your delivery. Here is the link to the video:

Article summary is accurate, well organized, coherent and well written. Includes main idea/most important points of article. Focuses on details, not personal opinions.
Summary contains insightful reflection on article, describes student learning as a result of the article. Student makes relevant connections between article and application to current or future teaching and assessment in his/her classroom.

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