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For this assignment, you will be required to listen to a podcast relevant to the history of film or television – the podcast episode can discuss a contemporary film or an older film, from any country, and in any language. After listening to your podcast episode, watch a film (or television show episode) that is discussed in the course of the podcast episode. It must be a film that you have not already viewed. Here are FOUR SUBJECT AREAS for you to consider, as you write your Podcast Culture Rept. Please do write about each of these subjects, though you do not need to answer every single question. Your report shall be at least three full pages of text, double-spaced, with 12-point text. Use MLA format, please. THE PODCAST Tell me about the podcast you have chosen. Who created the podcast, and how long has it been producing episodes? Who are the hosts? Does it produce episodes on the same subject, or does it vary from week to week? How often is a new episode created? Season (if relevant)? What made you choose this podcast? How did you listen to the podcast episode? Did you listen to it while doing other activities, or did you give it your undivided attention? Did it make you want to listen to more podcasts? Or do you already listen to them? Which ones interest you, aside from this one? With what impression did the podcast leave you? How would you describe it? What, if any, points did you find particularly intriguing or thought-provoking? Did it have a particular structure to it? Please note: Include the podcast episode on your Works Cited page. THE MOVIE/TV SHOW/PLAY Engage with the film/television show. Which elements made a special impression on you? How did the director use film techniques to create a meaningful work? How did it affect your emotions? If the film was successful for you, describe why—if the film did not succeed for you, describe why. Did the director challenge your beliefs, or reinforce them? What does the film offer to the viewer? Was there anything in the visual style you found innovative or exciting? Consider the film from one of the theories we discuss in this class: formalism, psychoanalysis, ideology, representational analysis, feminism, queer theory, the gaze, or phenomenology. Briefly engage with the film/television show from one of these approaches. Did the podcast episode also delve into any of these approaches? Please note: Include the film/television show on your Works Cited page. AFTER THE MOVIE Did you do any research about the film/TV show after watching it? If so, what did you read? Did you agree with the reviews? Did you talk about the film/TV show with friends (roommates in person, or friends online/texting/calling)? Did anyone alter your impression of the film/TV show? Please note: Make sure to cite any outside text, if you reference it. CONCLUSION How did listening to this podcast and then watching this film/TV show alter your experience of the film? Would you repeat this exercise? Why or why not? Overall, how did this event deepen your knowledge of film, television, or culture? GRADING: Written in proper MLA format, with Works Cited page 05 points Meets minimum length requirement of 3 full pages of writing 05 points Includes detailed observations on podcast, movie/tv show, and applies theory Important!!!!!! ideology critique, representational analysis, formalism, auteur theory psychoanalytic approach, phenomenology, feminism, and/or queer theory. You should pick 1 in that essay.

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