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Assessing the external and internal environments of a health organization is critical to the success of the
strategic planning process. The commitment and time dedicated to analysis and understanding strengths and
weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats will help planners craft a strategy to achieve organizational
goals and objectives at an optimal level. This assignment requires you to conduct the Strengths (S),
Weaknesses (W), Opportunities (O), and Threats (T) SWOT Analysis. For additional information on SWOT
Analysis, visit the following link:
You should choose an existing organization and geographic market. We are not expected to contact the
organization, but conduct research using literature searches, municipal and health systems websites, etc.
document addressing your organization’s internal and external environment to include, but not limited to,
forces/trends, key resources, workforce, competitors, collaborators, organizational culture (i.e., values, mission,
employee demographics, etc.), stakeholders/shareholders; and conduct a SWOT analysis.

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