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Feminist scholars have suggested various reasons why goddess mythology is relevant for modern women. Unit 1 of the Study Guide discusses some of these reasons. Identify three of the reasons presented in the Study Guide that you find most convincing and discuss why they are important to you.
Explain the symbolic significance of the moon for Goddess and for women in the Upper Paleolithic and Neolithic periods. Your answer should include discussion of the following points:
Phases of the moon and their relation to life, death, and rebirth—as symbolic of the Great Goddess.
Relationship of the moon with women’s bodies and women’s cycles of menstruation and pregnancy.
Connection of the moon with measurement and mathematics.
Phases of the moon and their relationship with agriculture and the four seasons.
In the first two chapters of the textbook, Baring and Cashford explain the interrelationship of Goddess and animals. Referring to the textbook:
Discuss the significance of animals in goddess mythology (e.g., respect for animals, their sacredness, animals as gifts of life);
Describe two animal species that are symbols of Goddess. For examples of animals, see Unit 2, Part 2, in your Study Guide.


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