Team Project Slide Presentation : Data Presentation

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Team Project Slide Presentation : Data Presentation

Students will form data presentation teams consisting  to work on this project. The assignment is to develop, implement and present a data presentation for an existing company and product or service. Teams will present data in a comprehensive yet succinct manner as if the team was presenting to the senior management.

The data presentation will be based on information from primary and public secondary sources, company web sites, as well as professional experiences and insights with a minimum of three references using APA formatting. Some data presented may be extrapolated from secondary research and not be verified data.  For example, current sales information may be challenging to obtain but can be extrapolated from past sales data.  The following components and issues will be addressed:

1. Market analysis: sizing and trends
2. Market Segmentation – Segment identification, analysis, and strategy
3. Competitive Analysis – Competitor identification, analysis, and strategy
4. Business Operations
5. Price Analytics
6. Promotion Analytics

Team members are expected to attend all team presentations to listen and participate in Q&A. Every team member has to participate in the actual presentation.

The final presentation profiles the research process and clearly demonstrates the data using presentation techniques such as pivot tables and dashboards.  The presentation should be 12 to 20 slides and include citations and notes.

Components % of Grade
Assumptions, analysis, and market research 25%
Slide presentation 30%
References 15%
Depth and detail of data presentation 30%
TOTAL 100%
Start Date
Feb 15, 2022 12:01 AM
Due Date
Mar 15, 2022 3:00 PM
Team Project Slide Presentation: Data Presentation

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