Team Project Presentation: Consumer Behavior Research Plan

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Team Project Presentation: Consumer Behavior Research Plan

Students will form consumer behavior research project teams consisting of 3-5 students. Students will develop, implement, compile, and present a research design and plan for a product determined or approved by the instructor. The project entails the analysis of data from a student-administered survey as well as collection of secondary information. The survey or interviews can be directional and do not need to follow academic statistical rigor. Teams will conduct a detailed market analysis using industry-accepted techniques, synthesize the findings from that analysis and couple them with critical and creative thought to make a marketing decision. The plan will be based on information from course curriculum, primary and public secondary sources, company websites, as well as professional experiences and insights. Surveys and primary research will be conducted.

Specifically, teams will create a consumer behavior research project including research design and implementation, market analysis, market planning, and management. The plan should include how teams will market their product based on the research. The presentation must include presenter notes. The following components and issues will be addressed:

1. Research Design.

2. Implementation of the Research Design.

3. Market Analysis.

4. Market Decision and rationale

Each team will have 25 minutes to present, with 5 minutes of that time devoted to Q&A. Team members are expected to attend and to listen to all team presentations and participate in Q&A. Every team member must participate in the actual presentation. Teams should turn in a copy of their slides prior to their presentation. The final report profiles the research process and data, market analysis, and market decision. The final presentation is suggested to be between 20 and 30 slides. Exhibits can be added and are not included in the slide total.

Components % of Grade
References 10%
Writing Mechanics 10%
Depth and detail of consumer behavior research plan 30%
Assumptions, analysis, and  research 30%
Slide presentation 20%
TOTAL 100%

Click here to access Team Project Presentation Consumer Behavior Research Plan.docx

Start Date
Feb 28, 2022 12:01 AM
Due Date
Mar 20, 2022 11:59 PM

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Rubric Name: Team Project Presentation: Consumer Behavior Research Plan

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