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Conduct a brief analysis of the guest speakers that come to class. In your PowerPoint presentation, there
aren’t any items that have to be covered, but there are lots of relevant things that you could focus on. Strike the
right balance between depth and breadth – cover a number of things, but also dig into the things that most
interest you. A lot will depend on what our speakers say. It will also depend on what questions you choose to
ask the speakers. Below you will see a list of questions that I would use if I was interviewing someone on the
subject of careers. Use the questions freely – either as suggestions, as a guide to what to ask our speakers, or
simply what to listen for when they’re speaking.
1. How does your current job fit into your longer-term career plans?
2. What advice do you have for someone graduating from college right now and looking to
find a job like yours?
3. What are your top tips for people conducting a job search?
4. What do you think are the top skills desired by companies when evaluating candidates?
5. What are common pitfalls you see when people are applying for a job at your company?
6. How would you describe your career path?


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