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This program allows you to trace a water body upstream or down stream. It also gives a trace report regarding
the visual information requested.
In this short assignment you will go to the website above scroll in to a stream area in the United States and
Click Trace Down Stream.
Now Click on Trace Report/Summary Report. The program will
Down Stream TraceForum
1. Perform a Stream Trace Using the Trace Downstream Function. You will need to click on an area of interest
with rivers or streams.
2. Please insert your picture of your Stream Trace Report.
3. Look at your stream trace. Where did the stream trace end (where did the water end up)?
4. Zoom in closely on your trace. State a few streams, lakes or reservoirs your stream moves through to get
the trace end.
5. How many US Counties did your trace go through.
My hopes for this assignment is that it gets the point across that water moves downhill and sometimes in a
more complicated fashion than you realize to and end point which is usually the ocean. It also emphasizes that
what we do upland affects the oceans.


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