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With seemingly never-ending violence, natural disasters, and soldiers returning home from wars growing numbers of people are suffering long lasting mental health crises. It is imperative for clinical social workers to implement effective interventions that address trauma and loss within families.

For this Discussion, view the “Levy” video.

Provide a 400-word discussion post covering the following content, topics, and headings:

–  How the trauma related behaviors evident in the Levy video affect family interactions and the family system.

– Identify the problems in this case and explain whether these problems would best be addressed through individual treatment, family treatment, or a combination of both.

– Review the literature and recommend an evidence-based family intervention that might help Jake and Sheri and their sons.

– Describe how the intervention is implemented and its underlying theory.

– Explain how this intervention might help the Levy family and ameliorate the presenting problems.

– Finally, describe why you chose this intervention.

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