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This is an assignment that focuses on the Social Problem Analysis from The Wire. The paper also focuses on the characters  from a season 4 of the wire.

Social Problem Analysis from The Wire

Social Problem Analysis from The Wire
For this assignment, you will describe and analyze one character (or a defined “set” of characters) from Season 4 of The Wire in a way that seeks to answer, or at least shed light on some focal question or questions you have about the characters/events/situations at the center of this sprawling drama.

While almost any character may be analyzed; keep in mind this paper is intended to help you gain insight on Social Problem Analysis. I recommend that you pick one of the four main characters of season four (Dukie, Namond, Randy or Michael). If you would like to focus on a different character, that’s OK; but you might want to check in with me and discuss how to structure your analysis.
All papers MUST include three core components:
1)     Firstly, DESCRIBE the character in the following three ways:
a.     Secondly, describe his or her social status and general economic situation.
b.     Thirdly, describe his or her personality/character traits,
c.      Lastly, describe his or her family situation.

The Social Problem Analysis from The Wire

2)     IDENTIFY a SOCIAL PROBLEM that you believe affects this character or that you feel we can gain insight on by examining this character.
a.     Define the social problem
b.     Describe this problem, particularly in terms of how we are seeing it manifested in The Wire. Here feel free to move beyond the character you are describing, to bring in impressions drawn from various scenes in the Wire, as well as outside data (if you like, not required) that give us a broader picture of the problem.
3)     ANALYZE the social problem. Identify at least TWO “independent variables” that you feel are a connect to the problem or cause the problem. In other words, explain why the problem exists, and why it is manifested in West Baltimore the way we see it manifested in the show.


Here is a link to a list of books and novels that are relevant to the issue of Social Problem Analysis:

Here is a link to an excellent database on films and documentaries about a wide variety of social issues and social problems. The database is into a range of different categories and subcategories. You can get quite specific.

Below are a number of analytic grids to help you get your mind going on your paper. These are NOT official parts of the assignment. They are resources to help you prepare your paper. Use them if you like, but don’t feel obligated to use them.


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