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As a senior intern at the Associated Press Managing Editors (APME), you’ve been asked to present to next year’s interns at the APME annual conference. New interns typically gather for dinner, speeches, and presentations the Friday night before the weekend conference; your presentation will train interns on government regulations and policies and how they impact the communication profession and will describe your approach to balancing federal laws with professional ethics.
Describe how you would balance federal laws that challenge your profession’s ethics. For your APME presentation, include the following essential elements:
* Describe how the First Amendment bears on contemporary communication practices.
* What is and is not protected by the First Amendment
* What’s covered
* What’s excluded
* At least one related current controversial topic, such as Ayyadurai’s suit of Techdirt
* Explain the impact federal regulatory bodies have on the work of communications professionals.
* Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
* Net neutrality
* National Telecommunications and Information Administration
* Describe the interrelationship between government regulators and the public or corporations.
* Evaluate the balance of compliance with national security measures with maintaining source confidentiality. Be sure to use concrete examples.


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