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OverviewFor the purposes of this assignment, imagine that you are a systems architect at a medium-sized
publishing company with 90 employees. The company primarily publishes books, both in print and online. It
also produces other kinds of content, such as audiobooks, interactive reading material, and magazines. Your
leadership has decided that it is time to either upgrade the current OS or adopt a new one (e.g., Windows,
Linux, macOS).As the systems architect, you have the responsibility to determine which OS the company
should implement for each department. There are many aspects to consider when making this decision,
including what existing applications are used by employees on a frequent basis, cost, functionality provided,
performance, vendor support, and so on. To determine which OS should be implemented, you need to
complete a site survey first. Later, the site survey can be used to help you make a decision as to which
operating systems to implement based on what is currently used in the department. For this activity, you will
conduct a site survey.


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