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The goal of criminal procedure is to ensure that everyone receives due process from the system. This due process is both procedural and substantive. People end up in prison by either having a trial, pleading guilty, or through the plea bargain process. This project is designed to expose you to the plea bargain process.


You are required to read and utilize any reliable sources to provide information to support your written work. To facilitate this, you are required to only use sources available through the Berkeley College Library (See Links).

You are required to properly cite all work in APA and must have a minimum of 3 primary sources and two secondary sources. The Berkeley College Library provides great resources on how to do this (See Links).

The paper shall be a minimum of 6 full pages of your own work, not counting the cover page, works cited page, etc. For each half page short of this requirement 5 points shall be deducted from the overall paper grade.

At a minimum the student shall address the following questions. (The intent is not to simply provide a short answer for these questions but to provide full details with support.)

What are the rights of the accused when it comes to criminal procedure?
What exactly is plea bargaining and how does the plea-bargaining process work?
What are the major factors impacting the use of plea bargains?
What was the role of and the impact of the Court/Judge in this process?
What was the role of and the impact of the Prosecution in this process?
What was the role of and the impact of the Accused/Defense Attorney in this process?
What are the Pros and Cons of plea bargaining?
What is your opinion about the effectiveness of plea bargaining?
Does the current use of plea bargaining serve justice? Be sure to prove your position with facts.

The assignment is due no later than November 28, 2020 11:59.

This assignment (as we have covered in class) should be completed in 3 parts: 1. Research 2.Writing the paper 3. Editing the paper. Each part should be afforded sufficient time to complete the task. It is recommended that at least 3 hours be spent on each.

Any indications of significant cutting and pasting without full APA citation will result in a 0 being awarded for the grade and potential referral to the academic integrity database for investigation. I am including the Berkeley College policy on academic integrity (See Link).

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