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Create a self-portrait based on a portrait or self-portrait from the period of 1400-1600 (this includes any portraits or artist self-portraits we have seen in class as well as ones that you find on your own). Your self-portrait can be a drawing, painting, photograph, clay bust, mosaic–you are free to use the medium of your choice. It should pay homage to the original on which it is based, but incorporate details significant to you that represent how you would engage the idea of “self-fashioning” as discussed in class. That is, how would you wish viewers to see you? What objects and things would you include to convey the most important details of your character according to your self-perception?

Post your self-portrait along with a 200 word paragraph in which you compare yours to the original on which it is based. Explain how your self-portrait both draws from the original and transforms it to become an expression of your own self-fashioning.




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