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Research the statutory law of your California for the answers to the following legal questions. (For example, you are asked to determine your state’s minimum age for contracting marriage. Minimum age requirements vary from state to state; you are to research the statutes passed by the legislature in the state of your choice and determine how your state has addressed that issue.)
What is the minimum age for contracting marriage in California?
What statutory provision does California make for no-fault divorce? Are there fault grounds in your state’s statutes that are different from Alabama’s?
What are the grounds for annulment in California?
Does California make statutory provision for post-minority support for college education?
Does California have a statute that allows grandparents to petition the court for visitation?
Compose a 3- to 5-page paper according to the following guidelines:
Provide an accurate, full narrative analysis of the answer to each question, and cite the applicable statutes.
Compare California’s law to the Alabama law on each question.
Answer in thorough, essay form, providing as much detail as is available.
Cite the Code section from which your answer is derived. You may provide the specific language of the statute, but you should offer your own full narrative analysis as well.
Research statutory law only; you need not search case law for this assignment.
Your paper should be logically organized and should demonstrate principles of sound critical thinking. You should use a sentence style that is appropriate to your intended audience.

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