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Resource: Refer to weekly Grading Guides available in the Student Success Guide. ******See Grading Guide Attached and PDF File. Make Sure that you meet all of the requirments on the attachement for this paper.
Please use bold headings based on assignment ruberic/concepts/grading guidelines.
No Plagiarism, No work from other students, No copy and paste, No essays sold to others. Work must be original and follow the grading guide and instructions given to the writer/company.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
3 scholarly sources minimum (not intenret sites), 3 additional sources (can be from internet)
Properly cite, quote, and create APA style reference page.
You have been tasked by the CEO of your company to assess the need for a quality program.
Choose a company not used in previous weeks of the course.
I am choosing Inc,
Write a 2,450- to 3,500-word paper that includes:
1. A brief overview of this company’s product offering (manufacturing or service). This should be brief as the CEO knows this, but you are level setting with them for a common understanding. DO NOT FOCUS THE WORD COUNT HERE.
2. Detailed description of why a quality program would benefit the company. (Note: this can be an expansion of the QC, QA or QM that is in place or if nothing is in place, why they should have something. Alternatively, if they have a solid QC/QA/QM program, it can be a suggestion to move to quality as a strategy / Big Q.) You are selling them on what to do based on your assessment.
3. Explanation of how the Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Market would drive the program. Be specific. The CEO has little interest in theory. They want to know specifics. How will it drive the program you are suggesting in terms of their business?
4. Description of how you would implement this quality program. (Again, CEOs want the high level details. Does the CEO have a role–spell it out to them. What are the steps, maybe even a project plan with milestones and timeframe. Incorporate best practice you learned from the course.)
5. A list of tools and metrics you would use to ensure success (be specific for their industry and business).
6. Explanation of how an external quality organizations would aid in determining your company’s quality program. Make a recommendation for a specific one to use-explain why you are suggesting they use this specific external quality organization, as in what’s in it for them or their organization.
Note: Make sure you support your paper with course concepts and illustrate your mastery of the concepts with real life examples from your company. See how many concepts you can incorporate from each week of the course. See concepts below that can be incorporated.
Course Concepts Learned/Student Learning Outcomes
1.1 Explain quality management concepts as they apply to the supply chain.
1.2 Compare the quality theories of Deming, Juran, Crosby, and Ishikawa.
1.3 Differentiate between process-driven and customer-driven quality requirements.
1.4 Analyze the impact of quality theories on both manufacturing and service industries.
2.1 Explain the Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Market.
2.2 Describe quality and innovation in product and process design.
2.3 Identify and contrast attributes of the design of quality services.
3.1 Outline strategies for addressing quality management issues.
3.2 Determine effective means of deploying the quality process.
3.3 Analyze factors that should be considered when measuring the results of quality initiatives.
4.1 Appraise various tools of quality utilized in a supply chain.
4.2 Analyze various problem-solving and decision-making tools.
4.3 Assess the premises of continuous improvement methods such as Six Sigma, Lean and Lean Six Sigma.
5.1 Describe the role and purpose of external quality management organizations.
5.2 Evaluate the impact of external quality management organizations on quality performance.

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