PLEASE you have to see the video lecture 06 Week Stakeholder Community Planning to how to do this research ……. Topic: Ownership, Empowerment, Leading & Leadership Communication Methodological Processes – Essaylink

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PLEASE you have to see the video lecture 06 Week Stakeholder Community Planning to how to do this research ……. Topic: Ownership, Empowerment, Leading & Leadership Communication Methodological Processes
Pretend scenario for F2F on-line off-campus people: You have applied for the following role – Women & Girls Advisor for Sport Waikato (please see job ad saved in the word document below). They have invited you to a first stage interview and want to know more about your understanding of stakeholder community change work and your social capital (what you bring to the role). Now please read the sections below:
On-line off-campus people:
First, do some secondary research for yourself on Sport in Waikato, Sport Waikato, and relationships with the community stakeholder – women & girls (community scoping/mapping of context). Suggestions – for Sport, Waikato consider points such as – any recent changes for the organisation in the last 2-5 years? Sport Waikato’s current activities, stakeholder work they are doing, etc? For the community stakeholder – consider things such as researching the various women and girls communities within Waikato. N.B. secondary is written publically available research, reports, academic literature, etc. Please do not do any primary research i.e. avoid interviews, focus groups, surveys, or observations. Start to make notes and map out the resources, assets, communities, organisations, institutions, key people (champions, loins, gatekeepers), and strengths in the different communities of ‘Women & Girls’. Identify KEY (not everything) barriers, risks, frustrations in this area.
From this first stage of your research – start to consider what communities, relationships, and strengths already exist within this large group of people (women and girls). What communities within this area of women and girls – tend to be neglected/invisible? Second, based on your research now consider where you would begin your change interventions actions to develop social capital and effective outcomes. Consider/apply Kim Johnston’s Engagement Binary Model (Week 2) and the ‘4 dimensions of change for stakeholder work’ (week3). Where would you begin to focus your PR stakeholder social change work? What ideas do you have for working with and within this community? How would your plans develop empower and create participation (PDC theory)? Finally, upload your draft plans/ideas to Moodle. You can do this as either visual and written (community context maps). For written aspects your word count: 800-1000 words.
• 06 Week Participation Engagement task Sport Waikato Job AdFile 16KB Word 2007 document
• Community Engagement – On Whose Terms?File 226.6KB PDF document
The article defines and explains – also provides a critique
• Arnstein’s Ladder of ParticipationURL
• Hart’s Ladder of ParticipationURL
• Seed WaikatoURL
An example of a community-led and Waikato based charity for youth 18-30 ish
• Waikato MicroVolunteering – based here on CampusURL
Another example of a community-led organisation. Based here on campus and provides opportunities for students to micro volunteer and make a difference to others/their communities.
• 06 Week Community Stakeholder PlanningURL
Please watch/listen before our Thursday Class. Online off-campus people – you will find this essential for your assignments too
• 06 Week ppt for lecture recording on Community Stakeholder PlanningFile 3.5MB Powerpoint 2007 presentation

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