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Define PICOT-D Question
Briefly describe what you have learned from feedback given by your instructor regarding your PICOT question.
How will you frame your PICOT differently moving forward? Be specific about what components, if any, that
you will change.
FEEDBACK from Professor:
1. P: (Problem) Define the specific population more clear such as Long Term Care Residents with medication.
2. I: (Intervention) Define who this would be used and by who
3. C: (Comparison) Further explain what is used now
– What is used now is education upon orientation, competency testing (but not as frequent), as needed, on their
own thru the web or thru our Electronic Medical record (PCC- Poinr Click Care Software)
4. O: (Outcome) Expand as to what you want to see… reduced medication errors .. maybe? yes I want to see
reduced medication errors
5. T: (Timeline) State how long after that change would be made that you would observe for the outcome
As per Professor: “You need to state your PICOT sentence specifically rather than define what a PICOT.



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