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Performance Techniques for Stage and Screen Assignment number & title Assessment 2 Assessment type

Develop and deliver a variety of performance styles in collaboration with others.
Completing Your Assignment
What am I required to do in this assignment?
You will be required to perform a 20 minute scene or selection of scenes infront of an audience of cohorts. This will be accompanied by a 1200 word written log and annotated script. You are to commit to a mutually agreed rehearsal schedule working in a creative and collaborative environment under the guidance of your director. You will work towards performing in a theatre production. before a live audience in collaboration with Level 3 Directing students and Level 3 Performance Management students. Prior to casting and rehearsals you will take part in workshops. which will address fundamental theatre performance skills using Stanislayski s methods in building a character and exploring emotional memory.
By adhering to this weekly criteria. you will be able to start to build on your essay. Objective for the week (100 words) Work done during rehearsals and progress of character development (100 words) Research and reading (100 words) Reflection and plans (100 words)
Is there a size limit?
A performance no longer than 20 minutes consisting of one scene or a selection of scenes. An accompanying Log and annotated script.
What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIFI
Demonstrate understanding and use of a dramatic text for performance. Analyse the elements of plotting and believable characterisation. Begin to exercise critical distance and independent thinking in the analysis of dramatic texts.
How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?
You need to demonstrate that you have engaged in a commited rehearsal schedule. To maintain a professional attitude towards your work and respect for your fellow actors, your director and technicians. You will work under the guidance of your director and adhere to the arranged rehearsal schedule. wReilh:rtsaakl:nairreccocromuildsnroenITheednyronuarLegrsonal process during scheduled meetings and
How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?
The assignment is a culmination of all the work covered in group sessions and personal tutorials. The group sessions will allow you express yourself through improvisation therefore chanelling your instinctive reactions and responses in a hypothetical situation. The personal tutorials will demonstrate your progress in handling a text and developing a role during the rehearsal period, this creative process and will ultimately shape your first assessment. Your commitment and professionalism shown during your weekly lessons and

Family Voices by Harold Pinter
Do you miss me? I am having a very nice time and I hope you are glad of that. At the moment I am dead drunk. I had five pints in the Fishmongers Arms tonight, followed by three double scotches, and literally rolled home.
When I say home I can assure you that my room is extremely pleasent. So is the bathroom. Extremely pleasent. I have some very pleasent baths indeed in the bathroom. So does everybody else in the house. They all lay quite naked in the bath and have very pleasent baths indeed. All the people in the house go about saying what a superb bath and bathroom the one we share is, they go about telling literally everyone they meet what lovely baths you can get in this place more or less unparalleled, to put it bluntly.
When I said I was drunk I was of course making a joke.
I bet you laughed .
Mother? I like being in this enormous city all by myself. I expect to make friends in the not too distant future.
I expect to make girlfriends too.
I expect to meet a very nice girl. Having met her. I shall bring her home to meet my mother.
Like walking an this enormous city all by myself. It’s fun to know no-one at all. When I pass people in the street they don’t realise that I don’t know them from Adam. They know other people and even more other people know them, so they naturally think that even if I don’t know them I know the other people.
You see, mother, I am not lonely because all that has ever happened to me is %aft me, keeps me company; my childhood, for example, through which you, my mother, and he, my father, guided me.
I get on very well with my landlady, Mrs Withers. She tells me I am her solace. Sometimes she gives me a cuddle, as if she were my mother.
Hut I haven’t forgotten that I have a mother and that you are my mother.

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