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Organizational Power Analysis: (lastnameanalysis)
Who makes policy changes in an organization? Choose an organization and conduct a community power analysis. Talk with at least 10 employees and ask them “If I wanted to make a policy change in this organization, who are the five people I would need to support the change?” Explore why the individuals identified would be important to work with you on the policy change. For example, do they hold formal power based on a particular position they hold in an organization, or do they hold informal power based on their organizational knowledge, political knowledge, interpersonal expertise, networking skills, etc.? Also ask “If I were to develop a policy initiative in this area, which five organizations or groups would I need to be working with?” Describe why these organizations would be important to your policy initiative.
Write up you power analysis in a 2-3 page report. Include the following:
Describe your organization (no need to include the title) as private clinic, nursing education program, health department, hospital, etc. Include number of employees, number of students, number of patients seen per year, etc.
Policy Leaders
Identify at least five (5) health care leaders who could be helpful in making a policy change. Describe why these individuals were identified and what organizational knowledge, political knowledge, personal skills, or clout they bring to the table.
Policy Resources
Identify at least five (5) organizations that could serve as resources and would be important for you to collaborate with on your policy initiative. Describe why each organization should be a part of your policy initiative plan.
Organizational Policy Insights
End your report by including at least three (3) insights you’ve gained from completing your organizational power analysis

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