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A brief overview of this company’s product offering (manufacturing or service). Include in your description a
description of the company’s Supply Chain. Brief means brief, no more than 2 to 4 paragraphs in total plus any
tables or charts.
Detailed description of why a quality program would benefit the company. Point out opportunities for
improvement and where continual improvement initiatives might be implemented.
Explanation of how the Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Market would drive the program. Does the
company listen to its customers, and its employees both internal and external? What evidence can you show of
that? Give examples.
Identify a quality program that you would implement and provide a description of how you would implement this
quality program. This is not a description of the quality initiative itself. It is a discussion of how you would
manage the set up and installation of the program. Who would lead it, how long would it take, would you use
outside consulting services, how much you would budget for the entire process, etc.
A list of tools and metrics you would use to ensure success. Describe how you would measure success. If you
implement LEAN/Six Sigma for example how would you measure the reduction of waste, or the number of
defects? If you include TQM how would you measure improvements in customer relationships?
Explanation of how external quality organizations would aid in determining your company’s quality program.
Research about outside organizations who provide services to companies like yours helping them to select and
implement the optimum quality processes to suit their individual needs. Describe the services that those
organizations provide in both product and service areas

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