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Research your selected hotel brand and company. You may utilize any resource available to you (i.e. company
website, hoovers.com, newspaper articles, editorials, hotel representative interviews etc…).Include the
following using APA format (appropriate headers, citations, and logical organization):
A.Hotel Description (24 points):
1.Introduction: Describe the hotel that you have selected (must include: target market(s); type of ownership;
years in business, etc… (more relevant info, the better).
2.Name of your hotel, location (physical address), and contact information of appropriate manager(s)(MUST
have an Email and Phone number). Also, include Date(s) of visitation
3.Number of Rooms –Breakdown by room type and provide a description of each room and the amenities
4.Room Rates – Based on each room type, what are the Rack Rates for the following days (1 night): January
8, 2021 and, January 25, 2021? Explain why the rates fluctuate?
5.Special Packages – Discuss any package promotions, which the hotel offers. Provide a description of what is
included and the rate.
6.Services and Amenities – Which services and amenities do your selected hotel offer?
7.Facilities and Meeting Rooms- Discuss.
8.Food and Beverage Outlets – Describe the restaurant, hours of operation, meal type, etc.
B. Hotel Organization & Job Descriptions:
1.Provide an organization chart of the hotel, using job positions/titles (persons names are not necessary here).
2.List the 3 most important duties and 3 most important qualities for each of the following positions(must align
with hotel classification): General Manager Director/Manager or Front Office Manager
Director/Manager of Sales (and/or Marketing)
Director/Manager of Revenue
Director/Manager of Housekeeping
Director/Manager of Food & Beverage
C. Reservations & Marketing:
1. Critique the hotel Internet site and discuss the following:
a. Ease of moving around the site
b. What type of information is on the site?
c. List 3 appealing components of sited. List 3 areas that could be improvede. Make a reservation on the
Internet and print screen the reservation.
f. Describe the ease of this process or difficulty.
D. Hotel Technology: Understand the type of Property Management System used
a. What is the specific name of the hotel’s PMS?
b. Other helpful information?
What 2 other types of technology does the property utilize other than the PMS? A minimum of two types of
technologies are identified and discussed in detail.
E. Biography of Manager Contact :Provide a detailed biography of the manager contact. Some areas you may
want to include are: length of service in the hotel sector, how they started in the industry? Why do they stay?
What do they enjoy about the job? Advice to college students?







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