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The purpose of the portfolio project is to provide an assessment in which you are able to demonstrate your understanding and application of the CILOs. • The individual portfolio project will be measured against all four course intended learning outcomes; 1. Explain observations. [PILO 1.1] 2. Interpret assumptions. [PILO 1.1] 3. Evaluate sources. [PILO 2.3] 4. Propose hypothesis. [PILO 4.4] Portfolio projects should cover all CILO criterion and include references Students Portfolio project should follow the structure below and cover all points • Identify the research question and rationale posed by the article • Provide a hypothesis and null hypothesis that applies to question (and papers associated) • Discuss the scientific rigor of the articles associated with your question (ie critically analyse and compare and contrast the articles) • Analyze the data provided in both papers to determine whether or not this accepts or rejects you null hypothesis (You must explain why and reference the data in this section) • Generate a conclusive scientific theory from the articles you are provided with and explain the assumptions of the theory identified. • Provide a conclusion, in which you must relate the findings of the the journal articles and provide areas of future research 2000 words and make it basic not complicated search title: Caffeine and physical performance •


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