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MRKT 5000 OC S1 Discussions Week 3 Concept Discussion

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Prior to posting in this discussion thread, take the VALS survey and post the results in the Week 3 VALS Survey Assignment ( assignment link is under Module for Week 3 other activities) to earn credit for taking the survey. Taking the survey is a Special Assignment and you post the web results to that assignment for credit. The VALS survey can be found by following this link  VALS SURVEY (Links to an external site.) . Once you take the survey and get the results, answer to the following questions in this discussion thread for our Week 3 discussion.MRKT 5000 OC S1 Discussions Week 3 Concept Discussion

1) Which category did the survey say you were closest to – primary and secondary.

2) Do you think this is accurate?

3) If you were going to develop a marketing campaign to market to yourself, what sort of marketing tactics do you think might be effective based on this profile?

Return to this thread and compare your comments to those of other students. Does it seem your profile is similar to others in the class?


Primary: Innovators

Secondary: Thinkers

Do you think this is accurate?

Yes, overall I think they are both accurate but I have some primary secondary characteristics of being an experiencer too. According to my VALS survey my second is a thinker. Then in addition, I have some secondary traits of being an achiever along with being a thinker.

 If you were going to develop a marketing campaign to market to yourself, what sort of marketing tactics do you think might be effective based on this profile?

As an innovator, I always find myself happiest when taking in new information such as researching, reading, and learning new things which I know plays a major role in finding enjoyment  getting an education. As being an innovator, I can relate to  prefer traditional pursuits. I feel confident to experiment especially when not sure about something.

For example, instead of going out and buying all new hiking gear because I have desire to hike the Appalachian Trail, I would invest in very basic necessities for day hiking first before investing further. I want to know I am going to enjoy something before spending additional money because I may end up not being interested to hike at all. Maybe, this is where I am a self-directed consumer to act on my behalf.

This is where I would be skeptical of spending large amounts of money on advertising. I would market myself or product using social media such as market place, radio, local newspaper, flyers, and business cards before investing thousands on fancy ads, television, and billboards. I would also consider doing my own blog and utilize Facebook to market myself. Further,  do my own surveys to gather market information. GET YOUR ASSIGNMENTS DONE BY BEST TUTORS ONLINE.

In reality, I am future oriented yet in other aspects of myself am not. When I think of being future oriented, I think of building a strong foundation first. I prefer building from something small into something big instead of creating something gigantic only to end up loosing it or regretting it.  As for being future oriented, I like to work on few steps at a time towards my goal while keeping my future planned because find I may need to readjust as I go because things  change and time changes everything. Since market is always changing I would want to make sure I market myself by building a community, sharing wisdom, and by being social savvy. 

Innovator  Characteristics: 

Have “ought” and “should” benchmarks for social conduct

  • Have a tendency toward analysis paralysis
  • Plan, research, and consider before they act
  • Enjoy a historical perspective
  • Are financially established
  • Are not influenced by what’s hot
  • Use technology in functional ways
  • Prefer traditional intellectual pursuits
  • Buy proven products.

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