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Question 1 (1 point)

Target marketing may also be considered as ________.

Question 1 options:

wide blasts of media messages

shotgun marketing

undifferentiated marketing

differentiated marketing

Bottom of Form

Question 2 (1 point)

If you were describing a market for farm equipment, which segmentation basis would be the primary descriptor of the market segment?

Question 2 options:





Question 3 (1 point)

What kind of information would be considered in demographic segmentation?

Question 3 options:

nationality, social class, job title

intelligence, maturity, stability

age, income, gender

location, longevity, language

Question 4 (1 point)

What are the common characteristics of a family life cycle?

Question 4 options:

The ups and downs a family faces over the course of a single year

A family’s transportation preferences

The age range of a family

The stages a family goes through over time and the effects of these stages on their buying behavior

Question 5 (1 point)

Does a customer’s ethnicity impact buying decisions?

Question 5 options:

Ethnicity has a large impact on purchasing decisions.

Consumer diversity is a social rather than a marketing concern.

Ethnicity has a minor impact on purchasing decisions.

Ethnicity has no impact on purchasing decisions.

Question 6 (1 point)

Psychographic segmentation deals with which customer characteristics?

Question 6 options:

Age, gender, income

Addictions, avoidances, angtagonisms

Values, attitudes, lifestyles

Neuroses, psychoses, dysfunctions

Question 7 (1 point)

What might be among the benefits of effective market segmentation?

Question 7 options:

There are no benefits to be gained by segmenting customers.

Customer messages are more difficult to compose for segmented customers.

The marketing department will be allocated a larger budget for more advertising to reach even more potential customers.

The numbers of possible competitors decreases in a well-defined segmented market.

Question 8 (1 point)

What is the critical role of ‘positioning’ in marketing?

Question 8 options:

It can override a customer’s predisposition.

It provides a cogent reason why a customer should buy a product.

It diverts attention from the product’s flaws.

It can incorporate a competitive message.

Question 9 (1 point)

Which of the following is the best approach to repositioning a company’s products and/or brands?

Question 9 options:

Eliminating the product or brand from the company’s holdings

An increased focus on a company in marketing messages

Product and brand repositioning is impossible to achieve

Changing market perceptions with changes in promotional messages

Question 10 (1 point)

Demographics can be used to help companies develop products to meet consumer needs and to anticipate future needs. For example, if a power tool company learned that more women are making home-improvement product purchase, using this demographic data the company could _____.

Question 10 options:

include large-print instructions with consumer power tool products.

increase the price of all their consumer power tool products.

produce a line of pastel-colored power tools.

stop producing consumer power tools.

Question 11 (1 point)

Demographics can be used to help companies develop goods and services to meet consumer needs and to anticipate future needs. For example, a pizza shop has a limited delivery zone. The pizza shop owner learns that a new apartment building has just been built on the outskirts of town just outside their regular delivery area. The residents of the apartment building are young families. The pizza shop owner knows that young families are his biggest consumers. What should the pizza shop owner do?

Question 11 options:

Survey existing customers to collect information about the growing community.

Add new pizza specials to his menu that families will enjoy.

Increase the scope of the delivery area to include the new apartment building.

Ignore the new demographics of his growing community.

Question 12 (1 point)

A company that wants to focus all its limited resources on one market segment would practice which target-market strategy?

Question 12 options:



Multisegment marketing


Question 13 (1 point)

Mary Jane is opening a new boutique store in the heart of an historic city. Mary Jane will only sell art produced by local artists as she noted other galleries were selling artwork from artists located across the country. Mary Jane will engage in what market target market strategy?

Question 13 options:





Question 14 (1 point)

Segmenting global markets is the same as segmenting domestic markets.

Question 14 options:

Yes, the same segmentation variables apply to global as well as domestic markets.

Yes, global markets are much easier to segment than domestic markets.

No, global marketers need to segment only by picking countries in which they want to sell their products or services.

No, customer variables in different countries are easier to identify than domestic customer variables.

Question 15 (1 point)

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an attractive market segment?

Question 15 options:

The segment is all female.

The segment is sizable enough to be profitable.

The segment is accessible.

The segment is growing.




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