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Kindly follow the below instructions, this is a proposal for world cultures course, kindly struct it well, and check
articles related to the topic too.
Stage I Details: Project Proposal
1) Project Proposal (approximately 825 words) Your proposal should:
a. Content:
i. Summarize what you learned from your research about the problem or region you chose and then your
particular focus, considering the following: To what degree has globalization caused or contributed to the
problem? What are the various challenges that exist with regard to solving this particular problem? To what
extent is culture contributing and/or alleviating the problem? Finally, whom does your research lead you to
empathize with and why?
ii. Describe the innovative/creative/entrepreneurial solution that you intend to develop and how and why it will
contribute in some way to solving the problem/situation. What does the finished product look like in your
imagination? Here are some possible types of projects you might decide on: a product to sell or donate, an
architectural plan (unique to this project), a poem, editorial, memoir or creative nonfiction piece, a film, video or
podcast; a painting, sculpture, photograph or mural; a work of music, choreography, play, performance art,
event; etc.
iii. Describe your project and how it will address the cultural challenges and complexities you learned about in
your research.
iv. Describe the difficulties you anticipate facing in your development of the project in order for it to live up to
what is in your imagination
v. Describe the audience/customer (beyond our class) you are addressing in your project. Is it the people of a
particular region? Is it people here in the UAE/Gulf? The international community at large?
b. Formatting: This proposal must be formatted in MLA Manuscript Format, which means: it should have top,
bottom, right and left margins; be double-spaced and set in 12pt. Times New Roman font. (Rubric for grading
of the Proposal can be found overleaf.)


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