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The brand I chose for this paper is “Alka-Selzer” which is in Over the Counter (OTC) Medications category.
(Part 1): Market Analysis of Product Category—1000 words: This part should focus on two areas:
(a). Industry Analysis: What is the market situation for the category ( e.g. cough & cold, analgesics) ?
Provide a short review of the market situation facing the brands in your competitive space. You should
examine industry/category monetary ($) sales (not sales of all OTCs but, rather, sales of your subcategory
such as “cough & cold” or “analgesics”) for the most recent 3-5 years, forecasts if available,
trends within subsectors of your industry and market shares of main players.
(b). Environmental Scan: This section should address topics such as: key consumer trends, crucial
political issues, technological changes, legal/regulatory challenges, and/or shifts in the nature of the
competitive landscape within your industry. Choose issues that generally affect the performance of all players
(i.e., some brands are affected more and some less, but the issues affect the group as a whole).
(Part 2): Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning — 500 words: This deliverable now focuses on your very
specific brand. Part 1 focused on the category, now you need
to switch to your brand ( e.g. Tums, Tylenol, Nyquil, etc) within the category. This part 2 should focus on
two areas:
(a). Segmentation and Targeting: What groups of consumers (based on factors such as such as
demographics, psychographics, product benefits sought, etc.) are the most likely to buy your
brand? Where are your deficiencies and where are opportunities? You are required to use the Simmons
data for this portion of your paper. This is a natural place in your paper for multiple charts, figures, or
graphs. (Please do not use charts directly exported from Simmons as these are often contain far more
numbers then you actually need, and thus are not very user friendly. I want to see that you can identify
and correctly understand the important values. You’re required to take these numbers and create some
of your own figures)
(b). Positioning: Discuss the strategies used to position your brand.


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