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You must write the essay based on the sample outline. (Read the outline) The essay is unacceptable if it doesn’t follow the structure of outline. 

Read the instructions carefully

1-Read the two literary theories from scholarly journals about Shakespeare’s Othello.

2-You will need to use the 2 sources for each literary theory that is provided you. You will create an annotated bibliography for this assignment. 

Literary theories to apply to Othello:  1) Formalist criticism (analytic) 2) Feminist criticism

For the assignment: 5 Paragraphs total, 5 pages, MLA format 

1) Summarize the four sources (2 sources for each literary theory) – one paragraph for each source. You must Include at least one direct quotes in each paragraph. Provide in text citations.

2)For the last paragraph, using one of the two literary theories you did read about and do your own literary analysis of one quote from Othello. (Use the PEAR organization) If you don’t know what PEAR means download the PEAR structure word’s file.

You must have a total of 5 quotes. One quote for each paragraph.


Sample Outline for Literary Research Assignment

To help clarify what the assignment will look like, I’ve provided a basic “outline” of the Literary Theory assignment. Using the Feminism and Formalist theories as the two literary theories; the outline would look like this:

1) Paragraph 1: Feminist Article #1

Summary of article (350-400 words). Include one direct quote from Feminist Article #1.

2) Paragraph 2: Feminist Article #2

Summary of article #2 (350-400 words). Include a direct quote from Feminist Article #2.

3) Paragraph 3: Formalist Article #1

Summary of Formalist article #1 (350-400 words). Include a direct quote from Formalist Article #1.

4) Paragraph 4: Formalist Article #2

Summary of Formalist article #2 (350-400 words) Include a direct quote from Formalist Article #2.

5) Paragraph 5: PEAR paragraph using Othello.

Choose one quote from Othello and analyze it using the PEAR structure. By using Feminist theory and Formalist theory, Analyze the Othello quote using one of those theories. (350-400 words)

**You do NOT need to connect the paragraphs. These are separate entities. You do NOT need compare or contrast any of the research. You do NOT need to incorporate research in your last paragraph. The last paragraph is your analysis of a single quote using Othello.

The link to Othello story:

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