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This paper focuses on Leadership in HealthCare change. Action plan for implementing innovative change.

Leadership in HealthCare change

More details;

NOTHING remains absolute for long, and that includes effective modern healthcare! To remain effective, you need to change with the technology and knowledge that has been added from research. The ONLY way to do this is to change with the times. Modern medicine and care changes constantly as new doctoral dissertations and funded research makes new discoveries almost on a daily basis.

Now for the kicker; how does and industry change when the bulk of the population is change adversed? Further, how do you get an industry that has rank and file who are interested in paying the rent and suppling what their family needs. An industry that also has senior level manager and leaders who are well past having to live paycheck to paycheck. Yet still have needs like a challenging and interesting workplace?

How do you get managers, who are process oriented and not people oriented and who look at change as an impediment to the process, to change. How do you get leaders, who are vision oriented to consider the challenges facing managers during change? Now, add these and a hundred other challenges to the mix when planning for change. Begin to see why some of us continue to research and learn about how to manage change well after getting our doctorates.

How often does a hospital or clinic get new equipment?

Further, how often do medical personnel attend symposia or industry consortiums? Change within the healthcare industry is constant and never-ending. So is the battle to create a thriving environment where change is considered a recipe for success.

Hospitals as constantly changing in an effort to draw more business from dwindling numbers of the public who can use any facility they want. If you are studying to become a Nurse and think you’ll be safe from change when you begin working, think again! The healthcare industry IS change! The fact that our lives are richer and longer is a testament to effective change management within the industry!


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