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Create a 2-4 page report on an interview you have conducted with a health care
professional. You will identify an issue from the interview that could be improved with an interdisciplinary
approach, and review best practices and evidence to address the issue. This could be an issue that has not
been addressed by an interdisciplinary approach or one that could benefit from improvements related to the
interdisciplinary approach currently being used. You will discuss the interview strategy that you used to collect
information. Your interview strategy should be supported by citations from the literature. When submitting your
plan, use the Interview and Issue Identification Template [DOCX], which will help you to stay organized and
concise. As you complete the template, make sure you use APA format for in-text citations for the evidence
and best practices that are informing your plan, as well as for the reference list at the end.
Additionally, be sure to address the following, which corresponds to the grading criteria in the scoring guide.
Please study the scoring guide carefully so you understand what is needed for a distinguished score.
Summarize an interview focused on past or current issues at a health care organization.
Identify an issue from an interview for which an evidence-based interdisciplinary approach would be
Describe potential change theories and a leadership strategies that could inform an interdisciplinary solution to
an organizational issue.
Describe collaboration approaches from the literature that could facilitate establishing or improving an
interdisciplinary team to address an organizational issue.

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