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Prestige Worldwide is a professional company that prides themselves on the safety and well being of their clients while also providing a safe and entertaining environment for college students to experience entertainment experiences that are unique to college kids such as formals, fraternity and sorority parties, tailgating, and graduation parties. Legal/Ethical Issues
Intellectual Property Protection?
Choice of business organization and tax obligations. Why have you chosen this type of organization?
Business licenses and permits?
Ethics policy to aid ethical compliance?
Insurance – different types e.g. liability
Where will the initial start-up money come from? I expect you to research sources of finance other than personal funds. Make sure to include details of the sources and the finance terms. Any investor literature (advertising fliers, application forms for loan etc would be welcome)
Financial Feasibility
What assets will your business need at its inception? How much do the assets cost and where will you source them from?
What is your break-even point? Please show one breakeven chart.

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