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Answer the questions based on your observations and/or virtual experiences in the clinical setting. This community health clinical reflection paper is due by the end of week 9. This assignment focuses on the following course objectives: Describe the responsibilities and roles of community-based nurses. Describe collaborative practice in a community-based nursing experience. Integrate concepts of community health into nursing practice Evaluate resources to enhance the health and safety of communities. Plan person-centered care to enhance the health and safety of communities. Participate in professional development by completing the Sigma Community Health Online Course Instructions Location and community: Identify and describe the community and populations. Provide demographic information related to the community and populations. Roles/responsibilities of healthcare professionals: Identify the titles/roles and responsibilities of the healthcare professionals working and/or volunteering in the community and/or situation. Describe the responsibilities of nurses and explain how they enhance the health and safety of the community populations. Describe how the healthcare professionals and others collaborate as a team to enhance the health and safety of the community populations. Resources Identify and describe the resources available to enhance the health and safety of community populations. Describe any unmet needs or resources that are in need that would assist the agency to better serve the community populations. Person-centered care In your role as a professional nurse one person-centered nursing intervention that would assist members of the community populations served to enhance their health and safety. Include the goal or expected outcome, intervention, rationale, and method for evaluation


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