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Choosing a research topic is probably the most challenging work that requires a lot of considerations and focus. I have used to be complaining whenever I had to write something about any specific topic assigned by the professor, but in reality, doing research on a topic of my choice has proved even much harder for me. At times, I had multiple ideas for this research paper and that made me a bit stressed and overwhelmed as well. This was the time when I decided to approach my project supervisor J. Enrique Salcedo-Sora to cover up all the confusion and uncertainty that I was facing in the beginning. This interaction with my project supervisor involved a thorough discussion of several areas which were interesting to me. This discussion was limited within the scope of procedural topics of the Life 702 module. In addition, special emphasis was given on areas that were relevant to coursework material. Bacterial physiology was one such area that was of particular interest to me and was also within the academic scope and therefore, bacterial persistence to antibiotics has been identified as the research area. Based on this topic, it has been finalized with the consultation of project supervisor that the project will be specifically concentrating on investigating the relationship between methylation of bacterial DNA and their persistence to antibiotics by the use of Escherichia coli.

Once the topic was finalized, another major problem that was experienced by me was subjected to the method of acquiring relevant information for the chosen research area. Internet is the source from where I used to get most of the information however, I have been advised by the supervisor to use only academic sources including my textbook and other authentic research publications and journals to make my research more authentic and reliable. The supervisor also provided a list of reading materials for basic bacterial physiology and structure. In addition, careful and extensive revision of the microbiology book to develop my understanding and gather relevant information required for the research. However, while starting this research, I had no idea about how and what type of information will be enough for my research as well as what will be more than enough. It seemed to be creating confusion and therefore, an outline of the research project has been advised by the supervisor to narrow down different aspects and areas of the research topic, but even with that, a vast amount of data needs to be investigated to extract the desired information. At this stage, the project has been initiated and the initial screening of information source as well as reading is in-process to develop the foundation on which this research can further be conducted seamlessly. I have also determined a deadline to complete the all the major areas and aspects of the research project to ensure all the project stages getting completed within the desired time-frame.

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