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Individual Reflection Paper During the semester, different team members likely will have played different roles, the team will have adopted its own internal norms, one or more clear leaders might have emerged, and conflicts will have been managed well or not. Guided by the questions below, individual papers should show deep reflection about the team processes throughout the project. Thoroughly answer each question below in a 5-page paper, standard font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, etc. 1. Discuss the skills you contributed to the team. How did your skills complement those of others? How did your skills develop (improve) from these activities? 2. Discuss the roles you played in the team. If common roles for you, why? If not, what was different about this team or time that helped you play different roles? 3. How did you go about dealing with team leadership challenges? How well did this work? 4. How were expectations and work styles addressed, different expectations and conflicts handled? 5. Assess your team’s overall performance. Specifically, what did you do well, what did you do poorly? How can you improve (be specific)? 

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